About the instructor

Background knowledge
Huan Minh Vuong is an experienced meditative instructor and an inspirator. He has been engage in his personal work and his mindful development for more than 22 years. His experience in meditation is quite unique, and his potential to guide other people is extremely down to earth and straight forward.

As an experienced practitioner he has the ability to bring the Ancient Knowledge - from the Eastern philosophy and culture - to life and integrate them into his daily life easily and comfortably.

During his years of mindfulness studied - from different teachers from the East and from the West - he has rediscovered / redefined the Art of Mindfulness which has brought him and people around him great benefits in the sense of attaining a more relax state of mind, love and compassion towards other, and a more productive and healthier life. As a unique companion he has inspired other to walk the path and changed their lives for the better good.

Within the field of his expertise he shares the Art of Mindful Aware and his concept of "Progessive Meditation (step-by-step towards inner Knowing through the Art of Meditation, Yoga and Yogic Breathing)". His purpose of sharing is to help people to reduce stress, anxiety and confusion in life.

He believes that by lowering our stress level we can reach a state of better health, tranquility, calmness and confidence within ourselves.

As an inspirator he offers One-on-One session or teaching in groups.

For further informations please don't hesitate to contact us for advices, courses and talks.

Stillness within

Quotes and sayings of Zen:

"Good and bad only happen in our mind. In reality there is nothing which can be called good or bad !"

"Are you helping other then you are helping yourself !"

"Do not thinking 'good', do not thinking 'bad' - what is your original face before you were born?"

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