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Session in Stress Reductive Management

The course is about applying a number of techniques to minimize our stress level. How do we act in order to avoid stressful situations.

Practise of Yoga and Yogic Breathing

Yoga postures and proper breathing can make our body relax and our mind calm. Deep breathing is the key to a better health.

Working with noisy thoughts and emotions

By being a mindful observer we withdraw ourselves from our noisy thoughts / emotions. We've become the witness of our mind.

Guided meditation for mind-body relaxation

Sessions with guided meditation where we enter the depth of our mind; a place where everyday noises are left behind.

Meditation course on the Inner Stillness

Course on Inner Stillness which has the capacity to transform our confused/stressful mind into a state of tranquility and stillness.

Guided meditation in Sleep Awareness

Sleep Awareness is a mindful sleep where all tensions and worries of our everyday life are left behind; a state of total stillness.

Guided meditation

Try out 7 minuttes of guided meditation

Put on your headphone. Press "Play". Close your eyes and Relax.

Portable Air cushion 360,-kr. excl. moms

Air meditation cushion

•  Comfortable, lightweight cushion with 3 adjustable air chambers
•  Fully adjustable to suit each meditator's preference
•  Improves meditative posture & balance, person max weight 92 kg
•  Relieve pressure on knees, hips, ankles and body posture
•  Keeps the spine straight, comfortable and relax
•  Made from a durable and comfortable non-slip fabric
•  Stable, soft and comforting for enhancing physical relaxation
•  E-mail us to purchased in: Dark red || Purple || or Black

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